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Digital X-Ray Image Viewer
Our digital X-Ray Viewers are available as surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions. While the dimensions of a flush- mounted device is mainly determined by customer requirements and structural conditions, we offer the most popular monitor sizes as surface-mounted units with the standardised dimensions 40’’, 48’’, and double 24’’. .
All system components are selected in such a way that the respective specialist departments of the hospital can easily work with them and if necessary also mount the device themselves. All devices are basically made of high quality stainless steel. This guarantees that surface hygiene is maintained even with larger paint damages. At the same time, the highest hygiene requirements are met by the antimicrobial surface coating with additional lotus effect.  Concerning Flush-mounted systems and special designs, please contact the Ampex customer service.
X-Ray viewer single monitor system surface-mounted
110,00 1046,60 1200,00 1046,60
X-Ray Viewer 48“ surface-mounted
921,60 100,00 921,60
See below a selection of already realized designs:
Specs Mechanical characteristics Compact all-in-one system, disinfectable,     ergonomic, rugged IP54 (IP65 possible) made exclusively of high-grade, durable    materials antimicrobial surface finish based on SteriOne    technology is available electronics are readily accessible and installed    for ease of maintenance lockable housing Design variants surface mounting (exposed) wall recessing (flush) Hardware guaranteed compatibility and durability thanks    to the integration of the latest brand    components such as IGEL, Fujitsu, HP, NEC,    Eizo, etc. Display 24’’-85’’ multimonitoring capabilities videoscreening interface capabilities integrates with external monitors Computer ThinClient PC (SFF) Input systems touchscreen keyboard, mouse keyboard with touchpad or trackball barcode scanner Optional accessories can be combined with analogue-type image    viewer can be linked to external modalities MPG security electronics according to DIN EN    60601-1 and DIN EN 60601-2
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* Look out for the SteriOne seal of quality that guarantees high hygiene standards.
Housing of the brand
X-Ray Viewer 40“ surface-mounted