in its capacity as a system supplier, is one of the leading German companies for tailor-made and individual designed IT workplaces in special ambient conditions.   Our philosophy for success:  only standard components are deployed that may be optimally integrated into the tailor-made housing and workplace solutions. The systems arising in this way may be offered as digital image viewers in the shape of standard electrical viewing boxes. These systems are also known on the market as multi-consoles or viewing stations.   All systems are particularly ergonomic and follow the highest standards of solidness and technical safety. If there are any open requests for this selection, please contact us. We also offer the workplace systems in combination with an IP-based video streaming, which works with cameras and sensors from all manufacturers and fulfills all wishes from archiving to telecooperation. (See below)  Wir bieten die Arbeitsplatzsysteme auch in Kombination mit einem IP-basierten Videostreaming, welches mit Modalitäten und Endgeräten aller Hersteller arbeitet und von der Archivierung bis zur Telekooperation alle Wünsche erfüllt. (Siehe unten) KONTAKT
Starting from the central module of our digital image viewer, we build structures for image distribution that are tailored to our customers' needs for simple or very complex representations and arrangements of images and videos and datasheets. In the simplest case, the representations are transmitted to a clone monitor for viewing at the control workstation. This can be implemented via DVI, SDI and LWL.
For complex structures of image distribution, the images / videos of all sensors and cameras are integrated. All available signal qualities are coordinated with each other and arbitrarily combined and distributed in the factory. Screen sizes from 21 "to 86" are available. The signal control interface is extremely ergonomic and allows the staff easy handling of the system and the correct selection of signal sources.
If you want to experience image distribution in perfection and get along with a minimum of seperate technical components, you should invest in an IP-based video streaming system. The distribution of images and videos can process live and user-defined worldwide. External experts can be involved and participate in production control via a professional communication interface. You can distribute the images / videos via a professional cockpit system. The servers and workstations can be centrally installed or connected via a cloud solution.