Our team also embodies as wide a range of disciplines as do our clients. This means that both
contacts and services function so well that we consistently achieve best marks in client surveys.
 The focal points of our system design for optimal performances are:
Technical planning and consulting
Ergonomic design
Hygienic surface design
Technical certification
Microbiological laboratory inspection and certification
Installation at a flat-rate tariff
Maintenance freedom
The ergonomics of the workplace design enables perfect adaptation to the physical characteristics of both the people and the room conditions, plus perfect optics and hygiene. This also includes height adjustability of the system, the relative shifting of the positions of all components in regard to one another, optimal accessibility for the user and firm attachment to walls, ceilings and floors.
Installation and Acceptance  
The systems are produced quickly following the placement of an order to enable their installation at the time you desire.  The advantages of the installation are that: •  it is effected at a flat-rate •  it is implemented at times when no surgery is being performed •  specialist staff complete the installation quickly, neatly and precisely •  cleaning takes place after installation •  the hospital staff are instructed in its use upon acceptance •  the device is ready for commissioning the next morning
All equipment is as a fundamental rule maintenance-free. It is therefore not necessary to conclude expensive maintenance contracts. Should you wish it, however, we can make you flat-rate offers for service times or the controlled exchange of the electronic components during the life cycles of your systems. You receive as a fundamental rule a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee from our hardware partners (e.g. from NEC, BARCO, EIZO, Fujitsu etc.).  An “in-situ service” will be realised by the service networks of our suppliers. Just contact us!