Archived images from the hospital’s network, as well as images and videos recorded by modalities or cameras during an operation are distributed across several monitors in the room, processed by special software, and then returned to archive. Industrial processes rely on technically similar image distribution and data processing structures.
Image Processing

Image distribution and


Our Offer:

Hospitals depend on highly hygienic workplaces that offer medical safety in operating theatres. Workplaces in the industry must be water- and dust-tight, besides being robust. For both target groups, we offer customised workplace solutions made of stainless steel and glass, equipped with high-quality computers and monitors from leading manufacturers that deliver excellent performance and display quality.

IT-Workplace shaping

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Different special layouts and individual technical requirements call for customised equipment systems. Discover our workplace systems.

Suppliers and products that we

combine our workplace systems

with are selected according to

demanding criteria.

From interconnections through connection equipment of the image source and possible signal conversion up to display and storage - the best possible solution is what you’ll get from us.
Take a look at a selection of solutions that have been realised up to now. We have designed more than 1000 different, customised workplace systems for our customers.